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Eco Friendly Back to School List

Back to school shopping can never start too soon. Besides new clothes, most of the back to school mayhem revolves around school supplies. Ah, the scent of pencils a.k.a. freshly cut down trees, PVC plastic pencil boxes, and petroleum based crayons. Can you smell it now? 

 With more unhealthy choices than ever, let us shed light on some super healthy, eco-friendly alternatives that come together to make a healthier you, a healthier Earth and healthier air to breath. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a child in your life, look at these companies to provide you some well needed solace in the crazy world of school supplies. 

 Rating Key: 
 big thumbs up big thumbs up thumbs up 
 the best still great, but could be a tad better a good alternative  better than the standard 


100% recycled 600 D polyester 
Rating: Although it’s a ‘poly’ and generally we should try to move away from plastic, it gets a thumbs up because it is 100% recycled. One thing to look for in something like a backback or book bag is longevity. The stronger it is and the longer it lasts the more resources it saves. Green materials alone do not make a bag more sustainable. Quality, longevity, can it be fixed easily all factor in also. 

 3 Ring Binders 

100% recycled and recyclable, 100% post-consumer waste, FSC certified, made in USA 
Rating: A super big thumbs up for being made from 100% post consumer waste and easily 100% recyclable, as well as the company’s environmental and community commitment. 
Half Sheet, Notebook binder 
 Naked Binder 100% recycled and recyclable, 100% post-consumer waste, FSC certified, made in USA 
Rating: A super big thumbs up for being made from 100% post consumer waste and easily 100% recyclable, as well as the company’s environmental and community commitment. 

Lined Notebook Paper 

GreenLine Paper Company 
100% recycled, 100% post-consumer waste 
Rating: A super big thumbs up for this post-consumer recycled paper that can obviously we recycled after use. 

 Spiral Notebook Enviro-Notes 
100% recycled, 30% post-consumer waste, made in the USA 
Rating: These 5 subject notebooks get a big thumbs up for being recycled and made in the USA. 

 Pocket Folders and Binder Pockets 

Naked Binder 100% recycled and recyclable, 97% post-consumer waste, FSC certified, made in USA 
Rating: With a super big thumbs up, Naked Binder wins again-- eco-friendly folders that are easily customizable with a creative thought and the prefect pen, crayon or marker. 

 Computer Paper 

Mohawk Fine Papers 
100% post-consumer waste, 100% recycled, Green Seal certified, Green-e Certified 
Rating: A super big thumbs up for the certifications and recycled content of the copy paper, as well for the company’s environmental commitment. 

 Tab Dividers 

Naked Binder 
30-100% post consumer waste, recycled and recyclable, FSC certified, made in the USA 
Rating: Another super big thumbs up for making non-plastic tab dividers. 


Zip-up Organizer Sewing solution—if you don’t sew, find someone who does and give him or her some old fabric from clothes once worn and buy a new zipper to create a one of a kind pencil case.  

Made from recycled newspaper 
Rating: These pencils are made from recycled newspapers to preserve our forests and get a super big thumbs up for sustainability. Get recycled colored pencils here too! 

 Pencil Box Simple solution- find any old box or new box made from eco-friendly or recycled materials to use as your pencil box. There doesn’t seem to be a good solution on the market for eco-friendly or recycled pencil boxes. 

Pen Ecotopia 
Made of 100% recycled paper, recyclable 
Rating: A big thumbs up is given to these pens because of their recycled body and low cost compared to other recycled pens. 

 Dry Erase Makers 

100% Recycled, non-toxic, refillable, and recyclable 
Rating: These markers get a super big thumbs up for being recycled, non-toxic and reusable. The company is all about keeping toxic waste out of landfills and classrooms. 

Stockmar Wax Crayons 
Made from Beeswax, non-toxic 
Rating: Although little pricy, these crayons get a big thumbs up for being non-toxic, non petroleum based and made by a company focused on the health of humans and the environment. 


Clementine Art 
All natural, non-toxic, 100% post-consumer packaging, chemical and dye free 
Rating: A super big thumbs up for these natural markers. There don’t seem to be any others that even compare. There are only 4 colors, however, which is the only downfall. Make more colors, please! 


Kid’s Kleenearth Scissors 
Made from 30% post consumer waste 
Rating: These children’s scissors get a thumbs up for being made from post-consumer waste and for being better than the standard. 


PVC free, phthalate free 
Rating: A thumbs up for this PVC and phthalate free eraser that is healthier than many traditional erasers on the market. 

 Glue Sticks 

Solvent and petroleum free, non-toxic 
Rating: A thumbs up for this glue stick that is petroleum free unlike many of its counterparts. 

 Naked Binder has chosen these products based on their eco-friendliness, sustainable practices and/or commitment to a healthier Earth. Not all products have been tested by Naked Binder. For questions or comments (or if you have used any of these), please contact Naked Binder at OR 877.446.2533.
Eco Friendly Half Sheet Notebook Binders


For when you need just a Little Naked... 

half sheet notebook bindersNotebook binder, half sheet binder, memo binder, recipe binder - what ever you call it, we are making a binder to hold your smaller papers. They make great recipe binders, and they are good for proposals, notes, meetings, keeping track of your gardening adventures, recording your workouts or climbing tick list (you know who you are). 

The Naked Binder Notebook Binder fits easily in your backpack, briefcase or purse allowing you to stay organized without carrying a larger binder around. 

 Holds 5.5" x 8.5" sheets (half of an 8.5" x 11" sheet) 
 1" D-ring holds 170 sheets 
 Made from FSC certified 100% recycled post-consumer waste board 
3/4" Round Ring, holds 120 sheets
with a Cobalt Blue cotton spine wrap

100% Recyclable 
 Cute as the dickens. 

 Don't forget Notebook sized Tab Dividers 
 Set of 4 tabs, no cover sheet. 
 100% recyclable and recycled (100% PCW board) 

Half sheet notebook binders. Easy to carry, fun to use, and keeping you organized.
The Best Proposal Binders

Proposals are your link with your clients.  While the content of your proposals is the important part, how you submit it shows how well you deal with the details of your work.

 Your proposal says a lot about you. 

custom proposal binder created by Blythe Winslow - Naked BinderNaked Binder offers a range of 3-ring proposal binders that show an attention to detail, craft and style. 

 Recycled and recyclable, elegant and elemental, we have a product that can help your client understand your values before they even read a page. 

While everyone else is submitting toxic and poorly made vinyl binders, you can stand out in the crowd with your understanding of the craft and materials that make up everything you do. 

Murillo Design Proposal Binder - Naked Bidner

 We give you proposal binder options: 

Whether you are looking at the elemental Naked Binder or the New Project Binders your proposal can stand out for both design and eco-friendly elements

Check out our custom binder gallery for ideas for labeling and customizing your proposal binder.

Want your written proposal to interact with your digital content?  Consider going beyond QR codes to digital watermarks.
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