Sustainable, Eco Friendly Wood 3 Ring Binder
A wood binder that everyone can love. Nature meets Organization.

At Naked Binder, sustainability is part of everything we do. When we started working on the wood 3-ring binders, we found a partner who cares as much as we do.

Together with our sister company, Corporate Image, we have spent 3 decades of being a sustainable manufacturer have helped us raise the bar for the entire North American binder and presentation products field. Naked Binder creates products that will last, but not at the cost of the environment. When we conceived of the wooden binder, we sought a partner as committed to doing things the right way as we are. Every one of our 3-ring binders is made in the USA from FSC certified 100% post-consumer waste binder's board.

We are proud to announce a new product that is as unique as it is sustainable. Our partner, Graphic Wood Technologies, developed a process which allows them to paper-back real wood to be used as a covering material. Here’s more about them in their own words:

“(Graphic Wood Technologies’) story is not one of a lumber mill with 100 years of history and burly men wearing flannel (although we do occasionally sport a flannel during our blustery winters) while cutting wood with giant saws, mounds of sawdust everywhere. We are a young company with a long history of doing things with wood that others within the industry said just could not be done. We’re a passionate group of people bringing a ground breaking product to market while proudly manufacturing that product in the USA. People, passion and place - words that define our company.”

We immediately recognized a partner who understands the importance of sustainable natural resources. All of the wood used in their process is locally sourced, primarily from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois or Pennsylvania. Every single log is hand selected, and they refuse to source from other countries where they cannot confirm whether resources are sustainably harvested. Each and every log is traceable back to the 40-acre parcel where it was harvested, and for every log used, Graphic Wood Technologies donates 10-15 tree seedlings through the Arbor Day Foundation.

Naked Binder and Graphic Wood Technologies believe in the importance of sustainable living and working, and work hard to provide you solutions that you can use in your office or home that are great for you and the Earth.