Wooden 3 Ring Binders - Nature meets Organization
The Naked BInder Woodie. Elegance and style in a wood 3-ring binder.

      Wood 3 Ring Binders - bringing a new level of cool to the 3 Ring Binder

      A binder anyone can love.

        The Naked Binder Woodie has a mid-century modern feel, and a solid beach vibe. Both elegant and playful, this 3 ring binder can be whatever you need it to be. From workshop to office, design studio to fashion studio, these binders make it look good.

        Designed with real wood veneer inside and out over the Naked Binder core of 100% post consumer waste binders board, the wood binder is strong, 100% recyclable and about 85% recycled content. Each binder is unique, with different patters of wood grain and the natural fluctuations of trees.

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      • Cherry Wood (inside and out)
      • Birch Wood (inside and out)
      RIng sizes:
      • 1" D ring (up to 220 sheets of paper)
      • 1.5" D ring (up to 350 sheets of paper)
      Customizing options:
      • Wire label hangers (pictured below) for when you don't want to mar the finish of the binder
      • Labels - A permanent well designed label can really pop


      1. is it a solid wood binder?

      Nope. These are super thin wood sheets that are adhered to 100% pcw binders board (paper board). The binder hinge is pressed directly into the wood and paper binders board, meaning they have the super strong Naked Binder hinge.

      2. Is it sustainable?

      Naked BInder is working with a mill as sustainable as we are. All of our wood is domestically sourced, primarily from northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Every log is hand selected, and they refuse to source logs from other countries, where they can not confirm whether the log was sustainably harvested.

      Not only do they track each log through their system, they can track them back to the 40 acre parcel where they were harvested. On top of that, for every log our mill uses, they donate back 10-15 tree seedlings through the Arbor Day Foundation. More about this here.

      3. Can I laser etch or foil the wood binder?

      Absolutely. The wood looks great with either laser etching or foil stamping. Does Naked Binder do it? Nope, we do not offer any customization.