The All New Project Binder - a 100% recyclable flush cut 3-ring binder
When you need a well designed, good looking binder for proposals, committee meetings, conventions or around the office, the New Project Binder is a perfect and eco friendly binder that can

Announcing The All NEW Project Binder

We make binders sexy.

Over the years, Naked Binder has been concerned with the recyclability of our products. In that time, we have learned that some recycling centers are not able to recycle the cloth we use on the spines of our Classic Binders and Project Binders, so we set out to design a line of binders that would be absolutely without any doubt 100% recyclable, everywhere. 

With that, we are pleased to announce the entirely redesigned Project Binder. 


Made with the same 100% post consumer waste board and Ecological Fibers paper, we have created a paper binder that is both super strong and 100% recyclable, everywhere. The binder is flush-cut, so the bare board peeks out around the edges and it’s currently available in 3 colors: black, red and lapis blue. 

The NEW Project Binder is sold in sets of 10 or 8 binders, cutting the carbon footprint of sending them and allowing us to keep the price lower for you both in shipping and on the per binder cost.  We did look at our average orders, so we know that for 85+% of you, this should not be an issue at all.  

100% recyclable everywhere 
No vinyl, ever 
Made in the U.S.A. 

The NEW Project Binder - a 3-ring binder for everything you do.