The All New Project Binder - a 100% recyclable flush cut 3-ring binder
When you need a well designed, good looking binder for proposals, committee meetings, conventions or around the office, the New Project Binder is a perfect and eco friendly binder that can

The Project Binder - perfect for proposals, conferences and meetings

We make binders sexy.

The Project Binder is a sophisticated enough for the boardroom and fun enough to put next to the ping pong table in your design studio start-up.

100% post consumer waste paper board with a paper endleaf wrap, these binders define the pinnacle of recyclability and design. Clean lines, strong spines and warm colors - these binders take to heart Mies Van Der Rohe's "Less is more".

Like all Naked Binder products, these recycled, recyclable 3 ring binders are strong - tested to 250,000 flexes without failing. No other binder has ever been able to say that.

The strength of our binders just ads to the eco-friendly nature of the binders. 100% recyclable means no landfill. 100% post consumer waste board means not even a shrub was hurt in making that either.

When you need a proposal binder, or binders for meetings and conferences, a Naked Binder can offer you a classy look that will help you stand out in a crowd!

Project Binders.

eco friendly proposal binders _ Naked Binder's Project Binder

Made with the same 100% post consumer waste board and Ecological Fibers paper, we have created a paper binder that is both super strong and 100% recyclable, everywhere. The binder is flush-cut, so the bare board peeks out around the edges and it’s currently available in 4 colors: black, fern green red and lapis blue.

The Project Binder is sold in sets of 10 or 8 binders, cutting the carbon footprint of sending them and allowing us to keep the price lower for you both in shipping and on the per binder cost.

100% recyclable everywhere
No vinyl, ever
Made in the U.S.A.

Most used for: Proposal and office binders.
The NEW Project Binder - a 3-ring binder for everything you do.