How to recycle your 3-ring binder

Recycling a 3-ring binder is easy - assuming you don't have a vinyl binder (if you do look here). Naked Binder shows you how you can have your eco friendly 3-ring binder ready to recycle in seconds.

Tools You Need:

Flat head (standard) Screwdriver.

9 seconds.

Recycling a Vinyl Binder is harder.

First, pop out the ring, just as you saw above.

Next take a knife and cut open the vinyl about a half inch from the edge of each panel and on the spine. You will probably need to split the vinyl on at least two sides of each panel to remove the chipboard panels inside.

Now that you have the components, the board can go in the paper recycling, the metal in the metal recycling and the vinyl? Now there is a good question. time to get on the phone to find out if your city/county/state has vinyl recycling capabilities. You will find they don't. While the industry says it recyclable "there are currently no vinyl recycling programs available." (from thread post).

If you have 6 binders, this is a pain, takes about 30 minutes, and a bit of garbage that will go to landfill. If you are a corporation with 10,000 binders, this is more serious. Besides the time to separate each component, Landfills consider vinyl a toxic asset in large quantities. The 3,000 pounds of vinyl you have will need to be shipped to a special landfill or stored indefinitely.

In these cases, the per binder cost sky rockets. Including labor, storage and shipping (along with short life and toxicity) into the binder price may convince you that the initial cost savings were not worth it.

Staples may take back binders and give a $2 rebate when you buy another binder. I am having trouble confirming this is still true, but it may be worth calling your local Staples to find out. You may not get a super eco-friendly binder like Naked Binder, but perhaps you can get something less toxic than vinyl!

If the binders you are getting rid of are in good shape, perhaps you could donate them to a school, shelter or other community helping organization. Naked Binder has donated to educational, support and wilderness preservation organizations all around the country so we know they are looking for help!