Naked Binder Custom Binders and More Gallery

Examples of customized & labeled recycled 3-ring binders and pocket folders.

We don't just sell 3-ring binders, we sell blank canvases that help you express and organize yourself and take your business to new places.

Whether you are sending proposals for architectural and engineering projects, catalogs of your products or packaging information for a green conference, a labeling system gives you an easy variable data system for your 3-ring binders.

Naked Binder offers the best off the shelf eco friendly office supplies that you can customize in a million different ways. Here are some samples of modified binders!

Naked Binder:

Customized recycled 3-ring binder - Naked Bindercustomized eco friendly 3-ring binder - Naked Binder

Murillo Design - Custom naked binder for architects

Naked Binder Woodie

Project Binder:

Labels and more:

Recycled custom 3-ring Binders - Naked Binder

Pocket Folders:

Customized Eco Friendly Pocket Folder - Naked BinderAIGA Iowa screened on a Naked Pocket Folder for the jobs bootcamp - Naked Binder

Binders as Art Projects:

Art Binder - Power of Hope - Naked Binderart binder - Power of Hope, Naked Binder