Sustainable Products Helping You

Sustainable Products And Your Bottom Line

strong, well designed 3-ring binders - Naked Binder

Sustainability reduces overall costs, improves productivity, minimizes waste, and strengthens relationship with your external and internal customers. Using sustainable and recyclable 3 ring binders and pocket folders can help you achieve your sustainability goals and your financial goals simultaneously.

Naked Binders last longer so you buy less

Our 3-ring binders are designed to last 10 years, and tested to last 34 years. The vinyl binders you are currently using fall apart with in a year if you use them, a bit more if they are just storing paper. Take a quick look at how many 3-ring binders you use in a year. That number can change to be how many binders you buy in decade.

Saving money upfront

Buying the best binder on the market involves paying...less? Checking out all the binders on the market shows that Naked Binders are very competitively priced. Don't pay too much and get less.

Eliminate waste stream issues

Many larger companies have warehouses full of vinyl binders they can not get rid of. Unfortunately not recyclable in quantity and too toxic to send to landfill, vinyl binders can have huge hidden costs.

All Naked Binder products, 3 ring binders, pocket folders and tab dividers are 100% recyclable. This meands Naked Binder can also help with ongoing LEED certification.

Be healthier

In both human and productivity terms, having a healthy workforce is important. Office air is up to 10 times worse than the air outside according to the EPA. Office supplies can be a large part of that. Vinyl is a toxic substance to make, use and dispose of. Naked Binders are non-toxic and recyclable.

Studies have shown that a healthier workforce is more productive and can save you a lot of money over time.

Easily recyclable

Naked Binders are easily and completely recyclable through the current recycling programs available nearly everywhere.

See how to recycle them here.