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Strong, Long Lasting and Non-Toxic. Awesome.

the best recycled, eco 3 ring binders - Naked Binder

Naked Binder has worked to make products safe for kids to use, safe for the environment, crazy strong, and long lasting. 100% recyclable. 100% awesome.


Safe for you

Our binders are certified phthalate free. Phthalates, the elasticizer in vinyl is implicated in a huge amount of health problems and is being regulated out of children's toys because of this. While binders are not regulated, we had ours tested and came up clean. Phthalates continue to off gas through the entire lifetime of the product, so vinyl binders are never done adding toxins to your environment.

Safe for the Environment

Crafted from FSC certified 100% recycled Post Consumer Waste Board, our binders offer a recycled and recyclable option to vinyl. Using post consumer waste means we use no new trees, use less energy, less energy and create less air pollution to create our binders board rather than using virgin wood or vinyl. While vinyl is in potentially recyclable, in our current recycling system no one recycles vinyl meaning these toxins end up in landfill.

Long Lasting

Assuming you have used a vinyl binder, you know you need to keep the duct tape handy for when the spine rips in half. Naked Binders may be the strongest 3-ring binder in the world. Naked Binders have been tested to 250,000 flexes without fail. That is 34 years of use if you it 20 times a day. Every day. We have even run them through dishwashers to see if they hold up. Turns out they do, but because they are made with all paper, they do absorb water.


The Naked Binder is a canvas for making your own custom binder. Draw, paint, carve, glue, label - chances are you can do it. With the Project Binder, you get a choice of four colors to fit your mood.

Round spines, square spines - all help make your binder stand out in a crowd.
colorful, eco friendly 3-ring binders - naked binder

Questions about shipping

We often get asked about out shipping rates. As a small US manufacturer, we don't have the distribution centers that the large vinyl companies have, so it is a little more. We don't add shipping and handling, just the UPS charge. We stand by our products as better, made locally and sustainable and promise to get the shipping costs down as soon as we can.

Green School Supply List

Naked Binder has put together a list of eco friendly school supplies. Download the PDF.


Getting the discount is simple.

1. Email us (info at or call (877-446-2533) and let us know what school you are with.

2. We will send you a discount code to help you get what you need.

This is more than a green back to school promotion, this is a long term commitment to those who work in what we consider to be one of the most important jobs in the country.

Go Teachers!