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Your Home Should Never Be Toxic

Smart Colorful and Sustainable Organizing

We believe the products you use should be designed to last, inspire and do better in the world, at school or in your home. We designed our products to be safer, more fun and healthier to make, use and easy to dispose of.

Remember when you were excited about being out in nature? The joy-- the pure crazy happiness? Now you can protect the places that you love while getting organized.

Naked Binder offers eco friendly 3-ring binders, pocket folders and tab dividers that last longer, look better and are healthier than the traditional alternatives. Safe for children (no phthalates) and endlessly customizable, these green binders are a canvas for your imagination and dreams.

A recycled binder may not save the world, but taking steps towards greening you life can help.

Safer office and school supplies

Naked Binders have no plastics, no vinyl and no toxins. They are safe for you, your children, pets and loved ones. These sustainable binders are acid free so they won't harm your contents - whether you are preparing for tax season, working on your novel or storing your child's artwork.

They are also 100% recyclable. Our binders have been tested and have found to have no phthalates-- which are implicated in many health issues and banned from children's toys.

Stronger and longer lasting office and school supplies

A bare board binder is actually far stronger than the vinyl binders you use now. We designed them to last ten years. To test them, we sent our binders to an independent lab where they were flexed 250,000 times without failing. These may be the strongest 3-ring binders in the world.

We did a three hour rain test, a two day rain test, and when the Naked Binders still held up, we did a full run through a dishwasher. All the binders not only survived, but are usable (and clean). While we don't recommend doing this to your binders, as they are made of paper and 100% post consumer waste binders board, it was super fun to do.

Customizable and fun

Unleash your creative side on truly sustainable products-- 3-ring binders, pocket folders and tab divider from 100% post-consumer waste paper. Elegant, sturdy, and unique.

Carve them, screen on them, decorate, draw, paint, label, pierce them - there are no limits to what can be done!