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Naked Binder's Mission is to create the most sustainable office supplies offering an eco friendly alternative to the toxic options on the market. A part of our sales goes to help preserve wilderness and wild areas.

We believe that a 3-ring binder may not be able to save the world, but they can reduce toxic landfill by about 40 million pounds a year, keep your office and home air better and preserve our forests and wild spaces.


We are members of 1% for the Planet but we do not stop there. On top of environmental giving, we support local schools through donations and offer across the board discounts for educators. Education and wild spaces (sometimes the same thing) are passions of our team.

eco friendly, strong office products - Naked Binder


We are an US employee owned company. We are proud of what we do and work to always make our products better. Our sister companies are Corporate Image (custom printed presentation products and packaging), Archival Products (preserve and conserve our precious documents and books), and LBS (everything that goes into making a book - they have it).


We designed our binders to last ten years, tested them to last 34 years. We designed them to work better, and made them look good. No longer is a binder or folder a disposable item. We designed them from post consumer waste material to be 100% recyclable even biodegradable so as not to add to landfill.

Our Means

Cleaner - We avoid using toxins in manufacturing, packaging and shipping, minimize waste and recycle nearly everything.
Closer - Naked Binders are made in the US. Every one of our products is manufactured in Des Moines, Iowa.
Greener - Our board is 100% recycled - 97-100% post consumer waste. The entire binder is recyclable when you have managed to wear it out. It is also a blank slate for you to personalize - you can label or mark these binders directly.
Longer - tested to 250,000 flexes by an independent lab, these are one of the strongest binders on market. They will last. I've used mine for 11 years for all my bills and tax info. I still use it.
Recyclable - Every product we make is 100% recyclable.

Our Guarantee

Every one of the Naked Binder products is crafted to meet the highest possible standard. If you are unsatisfied with our products, send them back for a refund.

Where Are We?

Naked Binder products are sold right here on our website. While we have some small shops around the country carrying bits and pieces of our line, it's few and the products selective. Placing your order on our website is your best bet in guaranteeing you'll find what you're looking for.