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Craft sway blog - Naked Binder

Craft Swag

"For several months I have searched for some sort of album to use for my holiday  journaling and discovered a fabulous option - the Little Naked Binder. Naked Binder, located in"...read more


Frugally Thrifty - talking about Naked Binder

Frugally Thrifty Blog

"Attention moms!! IF your like me, you are looking for extra hours in your day! Well, I have a solution that could just generate those extra hours without even thinking about it"...read more


Sci Tech Watch - Talking about Naked Binder

Sci Tech Watch

The peeps at Naked Binder have a new half-size (5×8.5″) binder that I was thinking would be a good fit for a half-size Emergent Task Planner...read more


The Hive - Speaking about Naked Binder

The Hive

For several months I have searched for some sort of album to use for my holiday journaling and discovered a fabulous option — the Little Naked Binder. Naked Binder...read more


greenLinking.com speaking of Naked Binder

Green Linking

Naked Binder's mission is to create the highest quality and most sustainable products, constantly striving to do better and work to preserve wild and undomesticated...read more 2011

evoluchun's Miscellaneous - speaking of Naked Binder

Evoluchun's Miscellaneous

I received some binders and folders that are veryeco friendly and recycled from Naked Binder to review...read more


Eco Smart world - on Naked Binder's Eco Supply Guide

EcoSmart World

We are happy to be browsing through the Naked Binder's Back to School Eco Supply Guide to find...read more 2011

Care 2 make a difference - Talking about Naked Binder

Care 2 Make A Difference

As a kid, we didnt go back to school until Labor Day, and when your entire life had only been more...read more 2011

Gorgeously Green - Talking about Naked Binder

Gorgeously Green Blog

I've had my eyes skinned for affordable eco-friendly back-to-school products...read more 2011

Nature moms - Talking about Naked binder

Nature Moms

One of the best back to school finds for us wasNaked Binder. They have binders and folders made from 100% recycled...read more


Natural moms - talking about Naked Binder

Natural Moms Blog

It’s really frustrating to buy eco friendly supplies for the kids...read more


confessions of an overworked mom - talking about Naked Binder

Confessions Of An Overworked Mom

When the kids were little, back to school meant crayons and lunch boxes. I can still remember searching through...read more 2011

Mom always finds out -talking about Naked binder

Mom Always Finds Out

Send your student back to school in eco friendly fashion with Naked Binder school supplies...read more


You had me as Scrap blog - talking about Naked Binder

You Had Me At Scrap

I recieved some binders and folders that are veryeco friendly and recycled from Naked Binder...read more


Summit Patch - eco friendly school supplies

Summit Patch

Heading off with your child to stock up on shiny new shool supplies is always a teat--new, perfect notebooks...read more


Mrs Nespy's world - Eco Friendly School Supplies

Mrs. Nespys Blog

When speaking of school supplies, we like to buy as "green" as we can. While there are a number of companies who...read more 2011

Green & Clean Mom - eco friendly school supplies

Green And Clean Mom

Colleges, University’s, Public and Private schools will be opening their doors again soon. Sadly, summer is coming...read more 2011

Family Focus Blog - Green back to school

Family Focus Blog

Want your kids to head back to school sporting their green style?  Of course!  Everyone...read more 2011

Go Green green back to school supplies

The Go Green Blog

As the summer starts winding down and school is kicking off again; it’s time to go supply...read more 2011

Easy Eco Blog - eco Friendly Binders - Naked Binder

Easy Eco Blog

Naked Binder makes eco friendly binders, folders and tab dividers with sustainability...read more 2011

Ways 2 go Green Blog - recycled, green back to school supplies


With summer half way over, it's nearly that time to start thinking about getting ready for back to school. Besides new clothes...read more 2011

Little Green Blog - green, recycled school supplies

Little Green Blog

We havent even begun the school summer holidays and Little Miss Green is already...read more  2011 

Laughing Lindsay - back to school supplies

Laughing Lindsay

So, I’m happy to kick-off the Back to School Event with a company I was introduced to for the event...read more 2011

Eco Fabulous - Organize your life with Naked Binder

Eco Fabulous

Let’s face it, organization has never been your strong suit (and no, flipping through Real Simple at the doctor’s office doesn’t count). So when...read more 2011

Green GIrl Inc. back to school supplies, binders

Green Girl Inc.

Parents and kids are starting to wander around stores with lists and glazed eyes, yes, back-to-school...read more 2011

sweeps 4 bloggers - offie and school supplies - Naked binder


I typically need new “school” supplies year round. I use binders and folders regularly for business and personal use. It seems...read more 2011

Mommy Is Green

That time of the year has come again when people are thinking about school supplies. When I personally...read more 2011

1 800 recycling.com durable, sustainable 3 ring binders


Naked Binder makes great binders with three distinct characteristics in mind: sustainability, durability...read more 2011

non-toxic kids back to school supplies, Naked binder

Non-Toxic Kids

It's that time of year.  I've been officially avoiding a back to school post...read more 2011

Climate Mama - back to school green with Naked Binder

Climate Mama

Back to school, naked and climate activism – commonality, connection...read more 2011

Home Grown Families - back to school supplies

Home Grown Families

It's Back to School Time and it's always an exciting time amongst us homeschoolers...read more 2011

Fun Being Frugal - Naked Binder review for back to school

Fun Being Frugal

I was contacted by Naked Binder asking if I would be interested in reviewing their products for the Back to School season...read more 2011

Mambo Sprouts - back to school supplies, eco friendly and recycled

Mambo Sprouts

Transitioning from summer vacation to the back to school routine can be an exhausting experience for the kids and yourself. This year...read more 2011

Coupon Savings In The South

The Naked Binder company has been so kind to help out in Coupon Savings In The South's Back to School Gear...read more 2011

Mon Cheri - eco freindly back to school supplies - Naked binder

Moncheri Blog

Nowadays most of us are inclined towards eco friendly products! and if we can send our kids back...read more 2011

Inhabitat back to school guide, Naked Binder


While no one likes to bid adieu to summer, if you're a student gearing up to go back to school, September couldnt...read more

2010, 2011

pretty little green thing - green, recycled 3-ring binders

Pretty Little Green Things

I'll admit it, I'm as guilty as the next design bloggers for being completely in love with Mad Men...read more 2010

Props and Pans - review of Naked Binder

Props & Pans

I recently received an assortment of four Naked Binders to check out. Immediately...read more


CT Greenscene - green office and school supplies

CT Green Scene

Heading out to Seattle any time soon? If you are, you may want to check out the...read more


Eco Salon - green organization with Naked Binder

Eco Salon

In an ideal world, I'd live a paperless life. But so far, that's not happening. In fact...read more


Happy Mundane - trapper keepers and Naked Binder

Happy Mundane

I remember when I was in elementary school- the folders and  binders you got were...read more


Treehugger eco friendly, recycled office products - Naked Binder


Made from 100 percent board (97 percent post-consumer waste) and completely recyclable...read more






the Daily an I pad magazine - featuring Naked Binder

ETHOS MAGAZINE                          

"The EPA has declared that indoor air can actually be more toxic than outdoor air–but one Des Moines company is trying to change that. Naked Binder, which celebrated its second anniversary in November 2010, specializes in binders, folders"...read more






"When you see the word "naked" you automatically jump into the idea of stripping

something down to its very core; this is what Naked Binder is all about"...read more

ALT Magazine - writing about Naked binder  Alt magazine - article on Naked Binder





Bamboo Magazine - writing about Naked BinderBamboo magazine -




Naked Binder on Metropolis websiteMetropolis magazine




San Diego Magazine - writing about Naked BinderNaked Binder featured in San Diego Magazine




Better Homes and Gardens cover featuring Naked Binders       Better homes and Gardens binder - Naked Binder




Of course, my first recommendation for back-to-school supplies would be to reuse what you bought last year. But if you must go out and buy new pencils for your tots...read more

Interior Design magazine speaking of Naked Binder Interior Design Magazine



Binders made with 100% post-consumer waste paperboard. Don't think that means they're disposable: The company left the binders out in the rain for two days....read more

Rodale's back to School Shopping Guide - with Naked Binder Rodale - Back to School Guide